Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Think I Have a Problem

Well, I thought I was done knitting hats until I started digging in my knitting bag and found some left over chunky baby blue yarn. Well then....of course I had to see what I could make with it. I found a very easy pattern online to follow this time. This hat came out smaller, which means baby Shock can actually wear it sooner. I may even put this one on him for his baby picture.
I also finished my nursing cover. Some may know these as "hooter hiders." It is basically an apron with an adjustable neck strap that you can cover yourself with while you breastfeed. That way you won't get any ogling or dirty looks while you feed baby. I'm not shy by any means, but I don't want to deal with any dirty looks. I am amazed at how much stores charge for these things. Now I really sound like my mom, "We don't need to buy that, I can make it!"

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