Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home Movies

We bought a camcorder to record the important moments and adventures in Shock Jr.'s life. It's a Panasonic SDR-H40 hard disc drive (HDD) camcorder. Damn is it small! This is our first camcorder. I'm a gadget guy. I love my toys. So of course I wanted to play around with it. So I read the instruction manual cover to cover (NERD ALERT!) and got to work, I mean play. I present to you the very first Shock Family video entitled "The Nursery".

It's the director's cut, a.k.a. "unedited". There is a loud, gratuitous throat clearing that I added for effect. In my excitement I forgot to describe some of the items in the video in my voice over. The clock on the wall is a "Hey Diddle Diddle the Cow Jumped Over the Moon" clock. The baby monitor is on the window sill by the crib. An animal mobile hangs over the crib. Jennifer's mobile she had when she was a baby hangs over the glider but I didn't even get that in video. I'm a dumbass. Hopefully the quality of the home movies improves as the quantity increases.

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