Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 Month!

We have managed to keep Fletch alive for one full month! We had our one month appointment today and learned that Fletch has gained one and a half pounds in two weeks. That's right bewbs work just fine! I no longer have to worry whether or not he is getting enough to eat. We knew he was getting bigger, but we didn't know he was an over-achiever. We're so proud. Fletch has already outgrown some of his outfits and he doesn't look as tiny as he used to when we put him in his car seat. Everyone said to enjoy him while he's small because babies grow so quickly, and they were not lying. So to answer everyone's main question...we are doing great. We have gotten into the groove as a family and every day gets better. If anyone else woke me up at six in the morning I'd be very irritated, but when I look down into that crib and see Fletch's cute little face I completely forget what time it is.

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