Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fletch Food Continued

I just wanted to show everyone just how easy making your own baby food really is.This is a normal size batch for me...for now. You can store frozen baby food for up to 3 months, but I'd rather make smaller batches so Fletch can try a variety of things for now. One medium sweet potato will fill one ice cube tray with a little extra. Whatever does not fit in the ice cube tray, I place in a Tupperware container in the fridge and use that up first. You can keep food in the fridge for 3 days. The best way to cook the veggies is to bake or steam. (Side note: I just ruined my steamer pot and I am waiting on a new silicone steamer insert so I can steam some veggies...PSA - Never leave your steaming food unattended!) Once you've cooked the veggies, you cut them into one inch pieces or smaller and place them in a food processor/blender/immersion blender and puree. You can use the water that you used to steam the veggies (you only need a few tablespoons) or you can use breast milk or tap water. Once you've pureed the veggies, you spoon them into the ice cube trays and freeze. Once they are frozen into veggie cubes, you can pop them out and put them in a zip-lock bag and label them. I try to put the date I made them to get in the habit, even though he will definitely finish all of them within three months. Once I start making bigger batches, it will come in handy. Making meat is not much different. I season and bake the chicken or turkey cutlets. Once they are cooked, I let them cool before putting them in the food processor. You process them until they are chopped into very fine pieces, then you add the liquid. You freeze the meat the same way. Each veggie or meat cube is about one ounce.
When it comes time to feed Fletch, I pull out three cubes to defrost. I like to mix and match and make all kinds of weird combinations. Fletch does not seem to mind the least. It takes about a minute in the microwave to soften and warm it up. If it gets too hot, I add some cold applesauce to cool it off. Applesauce is one of those important staples to keep in the fridge. Some people make their own, but I just buy the big jars of natural applesauce that has nothing added to it. Most of the veggies I make for Fletch are veggies that were already on our menu anyway. It is incredibly cheap. One bag of frozen veggies is less than a dollar and it produces way more baby food than you could get in a jar for the same price.
If anyone out there needs some helpful tips on getting started, feel free to email me and I'd love to help you get started.

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