Thursday, May 13, 2010

Solace is now permanently incapable of procreation

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Solace was neutered yesterday. He's past his prime, but it was medically necessary. For a while he's had butt "issues" - I won't elaborate on the details. The past couple of months it's gotten really bad- let's just say it wasn't a pretty site. We took him to the vet last month and found out he had an abscess. It was removed and he went home wearing a doggy diaper. The vet recommended neutering because she said his problems were hormonal. We always thought his butt issues were gastrointestinal. But what do we know? A couple weeks later his butt flared up again. This time it was a non-cancerous growth. He went home with no bandages this visit. Then on Sunday we woke up to streaks of blood on the carpet where the dog had dragged his ass. It was time for the neutering. No more putting it off. Over the course of his life his nuts haven't been used much for their intended purpose. There aren't any little Solaces running around out there that we are aware of. ;) But I imagine their removal is still quite emasculating. He may no longer have what makes him the alpha dog, but he's no less a dog in our eyes.

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