Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Week for Fletch

I posted on Facebook yesterday that Fletch said his first big sentence (big as in more than 2 words and commanding me to do something), which was "I don't wanna share!" I had given him my cup filled with a delicious smoothie and he did not want to give it back. Good thing my feelings weren't hurt ;) How could they when we started giggling immediately. I'll get cracking on those manners, promise!

We got Fletch a potty seat a few months ago, just to introduce him to the concept. He had been telling us when he went potty and watching us. I figured it wouldn't hurt. The past few weeks, we have sporadically put him on the potty after he wakes up or if he mentions it. He peed for the first time a few weeks ago on Daddy's birthday. He has done it here and there since then. Today was his crowning achievement!

I put him on the pot right after his afternoon nap and we got some pee...HOORAY...but then I saw some grunting action going on. We waited patiently and TA-DA...

Maybe it's the new reward of M&M's that has inspired him to get the job done! We know there is a long road ahead in this process, but we are pretty excited nonetheless.

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