Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Books

Baby books....yeah, we've got them. Ask me if Fletch's is finished? Of course not, he's still my baby :) And what about Wyatt's? Ha ha ha ha! It's on my to-do list. I have the scrapbook to get it started, but have not put any pages in yet. YET!

I had been debating in my mind, what to put in these books and at what age to stop. I have decided to cap it off at 2 years old, otherwise it would end up being a pretty thick baby book if I kept going to 18. So since solving that part of my mental dilema, I had to start focusing on filling it up. I feel like I should at least finish Fletch's before I start Wyatt's. So I got cracking.

Since Fletch had two 1st Birthday celebrations, each one needed it's own page.

I also did a page for his first bike. I'm going to have to make a page for his big boy bike that he got for his birthday this year. Technically, he's 3 now and I was going to stop at 2, but there's no stopping me!

I also did a page for his first haircut!

Now that Costco is doing books in a 12x12 format, I just might make copies for the kids when they are older, that way I can still keep my hands on the originals. I am also planning on doing a yearly book for the whole family, keeping track of all the adventures and happenings of the year. Now I just have to decide if I want to back track to 2009 or just start with 2012!