Monday, November 24, 2008

How Big is Baby?

I found this handy chart on It compares Baby Shock to a piece of fruit/food each week to show how big the baby is. I think they should find a different fruit for the end result!

Week 15: Naval Orange
Average size: 4.0 in, 2.5 oz
Legs are finally longer than arms...

Week 16: Avocado
size: 4.6 in, 3.5 oz
Eyebrows, lashes and hair are filling in...

Week 17: Onion
Average size: 5.1 in, 5.9 oz

Skeleton is hardening, and fat is accumulating...

Week 18: Sweet Potato
Average size: 5.6 in, 6.7 oz

Baby's moving like crazy -- feel anything yet?

Week 19: Mango
Average size: 6.0 in, 8.5 oz

Vernix caseosa is coating baby's skin...

Week 20: Cantaloupe
Average size: 6.5 in, 10.6 oz

Boy or girl, genitals are fully formed...

Week 21: Banana
Average size: 10.5 in
***, 12.7 oz
Taste buds are starting to work...

Weeks 21-24 (Month 5): Papaya
Average size: 10.5-11.8 in, 12.7-20.8 oz

Nipples are sprouting, and face is fully formed!

Weeks 25-28 (Month 6): Eggplant
Average size:
13.6-14.8 in, 1.5-2.2 lb
Immune system is preparing for the outside world...

Weeks 29-32 (Month 7): Squash
Average size: 15.2-16.7 in, 2.5-3.8 lb

Sleeping and waking cycles are establishing...

Weeks 33-36 (Month 8): Honeydew
Average size: 17.2-18.7 in, 4.2-5.8 lb
Growth is slowing, and baby may soon descend...

Weeks 37-Delivery (Month 9): Watermelon
Average size: 18.9-20.9 in, 6.2-9.2 lb

Full term! Baby's finally ready for the outside world...

Baby Shock Glamour Shot

Today was our first appointment and we are officially 8 weeks and 1 day along. According to the sonogram the baby is growing great and even a little bigger than expected. We got to see the heart beating and now that we confirmed a heart beat, there is only a 5% or less chance of miscarriage. So things are looking good! Here are the glamor shots:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Shock's first Onesie

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve sent baby Shock it's first onesie. It put a little flutter in my stomach to realize that I'll be putting that over our babies head in about 7 months. We get to thank them in person this weekend. G-ma Shock and the Shoquillanos are coming to visit for a Pre-Thanksgiving celebration at our house. We are breaking the news to G-ma Shock tonight!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girl or Boy?

That is the question! According to this chinese gender chart:,
I should be having a girl. This chart did happen to work for friends that just had a boy, as well as numerous family members. I think I am a little partial to having a girl, only because I just want to make sure I get one. Atom's father had three boys before producing a girl, and we are only looking to have two kiddos. So hopefully we can squeeze in a little girl :)

Be sure to cast your vote....what do you think it will be?

Who knew pee could be so exciting?

On October 29th, I woke up and took a home pregnancy test and it instantly revealed that a future Shock was on the way! Our first doctor's appointment is November 24th. There probably won't be any updates between now and then, but stay posted for Baby-Shock updates.