Friday, March 25, 2011

The Time Has Come

I think you can understand the level of excitement for daddy. We busted out the LEGO Duplo blocks for Fletch today. I see lots of creative endeavors on the horizon. I also see a lot of cursing and hopping around on one foot after stepping on random LEGO blocks left lying around the house. C'est la vie!

If you didn't know, daddy-O is a HUGE fan of the LEGO. He was waiting for a sign of interest in putting LEGO blocks together, and VIOLA! Today Fletch found a random block in his train set and started stacking it. That was the green-light for daddy. So far he likes to go up, up, up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's New?

What really has been exciting around here lately is that Fletch's vocabulary is skyrocketing. We are definitely at the point that we have to watch what we say around here, because little man repeats just about everything we say. It is incredibly adorable how he pronounces every word in drawn out, question form...piiiickle? doggieeeee? His first 3-syllable word so far is strawberry. There are too many things that he can say to list here, but some of our favorites are: pickle, yogurt, nuggets, cheese, Solace (our dog), book, and best of all Fletch!

Fletch mastered walking around 14 months, and has now mastered running. He LOVES to be chased around the living room. This also means he loves to climb like a mountain goat! Our huge ottoman is his favorite place to climb. It isn't too far off the ground, but it still makes Mommy & Daddy nervous when he sits with his back right on the edge. I think I need to sew a bubble-wrap suit in the near future.

When we were in Texas for Aunt Donna's wedding, we did a lot of practicing on the stairs at Uncle Bubba's house.  Fletch understands the sit and scoot method of going down, but hasn't quite mastered the technique. We'll have to practice some more at our house. He can get up the stairs faster than a blink of an eye, which we learned first hand when someone forgot to block the stairs. That's our boy, always keeping us on our toes!

Fletch graduated from another swim class in March. In usual Fletch style, he loved playing and splashing his friends in the pool. He is very easily distracted by all the pool toys laying around the perimeter of the pool. But when the instructor brought out the rubber duckies, we reigned him back in. Fletch went all the way underwater 3 times each class! We still have to work on keeping his mouth closed though.

Fletch got a tricycle for Christmas this year! This tricycle has a few stages for him to grow into. Right now he uses the foot rests, while Mommy or Daddy pushes him around with the steering pole. We take him around the neighborhood on his bike and he absolutely loves it. Hopefully we can get a child seat for our bikes so we can ride as a family this spring.

Of course I feel like I'm missing something...but I think that covers all the latest and greatest in the Shock household. Stay tuned for more family adventures!