Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Dud's for Baby

I have been doing some sewing/crafting for baby to be. I already did some posts on my personal blog, but I thought I'd share pictures of my creations on the family blog. I found a pack of white onesies laying around and decided to spiff them up a bit. Using ideas I have come across on the web, I made each one unique. I did one with freezer paper stenciling and the others I took to the sewing machine.

I can't show you the freezer paper stenciled onesie because it has baby's first initial on it, and we're not giving any clues out this time :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Room with a View

We have finally finished Fletch's new room! He spent the night upstairs for the first time. He was a little too excited to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but he finally passed out and had a good night's rest in his new bedroom.

We can't believe how spacious this room looks. I guess when you take a bunch of crap out of a room it really opens up the place :)

We moved the futon to a place that it will always be easily opened and closed for visiting guests. We wont' have to move any other furniture around to open it up. It's also the new place for reading bedtime stories.

We put all his books on the old TV stand by the window. If I can find a cute chair to put close by, Fletch can have his own little reading nook.

Here's a view from the other end. You can see his little closet. We found an over-the-door rack at the dollar section of Target which is perfect for his robe and other various things.

Fletch's fire truck bed goes well with the orange walls don't ya think? The paper globe lantern was our third and final lighting choice. The first set of wall lamps I got at IKEA only took their weird bulbs that were not very bright. So I got the hanging lamp at my next trip to IKEA when I returned the wall lamps. I had gotten a normal lampshade, but when you looked up, the bright bulb really sizzled your retinas. Friday we took our 3rd and final trip to IKEA to return that shade and I just got this paper globe  shade. It diffuses the blaring light bulb and gives a good amount of light for the space. We would have installed a fan with a light, but the ceiling has all kinds of angles and easements that made it impossible. A floor tower fan is what we need next to circulate the air up there without chopping off any Fletch fingers.

Instead of getting another dresser, I picked up these closet organizers at IKEA as well. There is still plenty of room for more clothes. Fletch's wardrobe is considerably smaller now that he's gotten older. You should see the gobs of baby clothes baby boy #2 has been handed down!

On a whim, I started putting all of Fletch's stuffed animals on the old CD storage shelves, and ended up liking the way it looked. That's one less thing we have to put in our storage room.

Last but not least, Fletch now has a G-rated bathroom. I went with the sea-life theme and I think it looks good against the bright orange walls. We installed a removable shower head so we can hose down the boy a lot easier.

So that is Fletch's new room! I'd like to get a few cool fire truck prints to hang on his wall and maybe some wall decals. His old dinosaur decals did not transition to the new room successfully :(  I hope he feels like it is a special place just for him.