Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Hauler

As quickly as it arrived, it was gone. I no longer own my 2000 orange Miata I named "Orangina". The job I bought it to commute for I quit before I even started for a job that is Metro (Washington DC's public transit system) accessible. Despite how much I liked the car, I didn't want to keep it if I'm not going to drive it on a regular basis. We lived with one car for three years before I bought Orangina, so I wouldn't be blazing uncharted territory. But we went a step further. We traded in the Miata and our beloved Xterra, a.k.a. "Ruby" for a "family" car. We bought a 2012 Mazda5 wagon. Known to car enthusiasts as the "minivan for those who hate minivans". And we hate minivans. We're back to being a one car family but with a 6 passenger family car. We've already broken in the car Shock family style by hauling our hairy dog in the back on our holiday weekend roadtrip. He definitely left his mark.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Personality on display

We enjoy watching Fletch's sense of humor develop. He likes to tickle us and his stuffed animals. He makes funny faces. His laugh is infectious. We also like his displays of affection. He loves giving hugs and kisses, especially to Solace. He emulates us as well. He always wants to help out and participate in everything we are doing. All three of those qualities are on display in this video of him feeding the dog.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Ketchup

We hope everyone had a very happy Easter! We got all dressed up for church and Fletch even wore a tie! It made it half way through mass, and then Fletch ripped it off. Good thing it was a clip on :)

Fletch got his first Easter basket :) It was filled with lots of fun stuff like wind-up trinket toys, different types of balls and some coloring books. We also got him a little motorcycle toy and toy guitar; two things he is really into right now. Whenever he sees or hears a motorcycle, he enthusiastically announces "Sickle, Sickle!" Daddy has been watching a lot of Foo Fighters stuff lately, so Fletch would pull out his Leap Frog guitar to try and imitate.

We got him a more realistic guitar with a strap so it will be easier for him to jam-out!

Fletch is becoming more independent. He really wants to do things for himself, especially putting on socks. He hasn't quite mastered putting on his socks yet, but he is having an easier time putting ours on.

He is also very interested in trying on our clothes.

The kid is very entertaining. We have been going on nightly walks, with Fletch on his tricycle that we push along. He saw us wearing our sunglasses and decided he needed a pair, so he grabbed Daddy's and decided they looked better on him.

We went and got him his own pair that fits him properly. All that action leads to some wonderful power naps. I think I'll go take one too!

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