Friday, May 28, 2010

My very own parent hack

my parent hack, originally uploaded by chronic-shock.
I'm not sure if I am the first person to use this hack, but it came to me today before we went on our run. I took one of my rubber bracelets (like the Livestrong ones) and put it around Fletch's sippy-cup. Then I used some of his toy rings and attached the cup to the stroller. It was within his reach the entire time and didn't get dropped on the ground or lost. I had just read that someone suggested using these to keep your cabinet doors shut also. Pretty handy little fashion statements don't you think?

Let's have a round of applause

What better day to learn to clap than Daddy's birthday? Not only do you get to see Fletch clapping you also get to see his most efficient way of picking up his pacifier off the floor. He skips the step of picking it up and putting it in his mouth by just picking it up off the floor with his mouth. The boy is talented!

Like a monkey in a tree...

Our boy loves to swing! I searched all over Fairfax for a park with baby swings and finally found one while running errands. Fletch and I stopped by and tried out the swings. He is a natural swinger. I put him in the swing and he immediately grabbed on and enjoyed the ride. Since our first swing adventure, I've found two more parks with swings that are much closer. We brought Daddy with us and took some video. I think we'll be hanging out at the parks all summer long.

He is still not big enough for the playground without someone being by his side the whole time. I have a feeling that time will come sooner than I think. Until then we'll be right by his side.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swim Class Graduation

Fletch graduated from his swim class last Saturday. He loves the water and had a blast during all our classes. Not only did he do great, he didn't poop in the pool once! Yay! I'm not sure what I'm proud of most. We are looking forward to our pool opening at the end of the month. By the end of the summer we should have the back, breast, butterfly and freestyle strokes perfected. (Or maybe just blowing some bubbles.)

We found it amusing that he supposedly passed all of the bullet points, yet it is suggested he take the class again. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Solace is now permanently incapable of procreation

Originally uploaded by chronic-shock
Solace was neutered yesterday. He's past his prime, but it was medically necessary. For a while he's had butt "issues" - I won't elaborate on the details. The past couple of months it's gotten really bad- let's just say it wasn't a pretty site. We took him to the vet last month and found out he had an abscess. It was removed and he went home wearing a doggy diaper. The vet recommended neutering because she said his problems were hormonal. We always thought his butt issues were gastrointestinal. But what do we know? A couple weeks later his butt flared up again. This time it was a non-cancerous growth. He went home with no bandages this visit. Then on Sunday we woke up to streaks of blood on the carpet where the dog had dragged his ass. It was time for the neutering. No more putting it off. Over the course of his life his nuts haven't been used much for their intended purpose. There aren't any little Solaces running around out there that we are aware of. ;) But I imagine their removal is still quite emasculating. He may no longer have what makes him the alpha dog, but he's no less a dog in our eyes.