Sunday, February 22, 2009

Newest addition to the nursery

As I mentioned before, my wonderful sister-in-law Angie saved my baby mobile from my mother's house. It was hanging in my mother's craft room and I never thought to grab it when I was there. She mailed it to me last week and I decided this one will hang in the corner of the room over the rocker and somewhat above the changing table. I think it's uber-cuteness should keep Baby Shock distracted through those late night feedings and diaper changes.
Atom noticed that the bunny is wearing pants and none of the other animals have pants. I suppose he must be a raskally-rabbit, therefore someone put pants on him. I feel very lucky to have things from my childhood that I get to share with my kiddos. Now I just need to pull down the box in the garage that has all my baby blankets so I can use those too. Actually, I think that is a job for daddy. :)


  1. Hanging under the rocker, huh?!?! Sounds like a typical pregnancy brain fart...tee hee!!!!

  2. Thanks Loree. I've got a mushy brain and butter fingers thanks to this little squirt :)