Monday, August 24, 2009

Stayin' Cool in the Pool

Yesterday evening we attended our church's Young Family Ministry's pool party. We enjoyed some pizza and goodies and then we decided to see if Fletch would like the pool. Earlier that day we hunted down some swim shorts for Fletch, but alas we couldn't find anything small enough for his little hiney. We finally did find a cute pair of orange surfer shorts for $1 at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the rubber pants I bought were too big. When we put Fletch in the water, his super-absorbent diaper filled up quickly! He did actually enjoy the water for the 10 minutes we were in the kiddie pool.

It was a great party, but there were TONS of bugs! The number of flying ants that were out was kind of gross, especially since they all landed in the pool. We didn't stay in the kiddie pool very long because it was starting to look like an ant death-trap. We may do some evening swimming at the pool in our complex where the kiddie pool isn't an ant soup.

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