Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Little Elf

I took Fletch to see Santa during the day today, to avoid the catastrophe of holiday weekend mall madness. Santa was on mean feeding his reindeer when we got there. However, it was only a short wait until the man himself came "Ho Ho Ho"-ing around the corner. Fletch did great and didn't freak out when I handed him over to the big guy. His-Jollyness was quite fond of Fletch as well. I wonder what Fletch asked for? I'm hoping it wasn't for his two front teeth. Mama is still breastfeeding :) It took us a total of five minutes. I purchased the smallest package, which also included a free ornament for $20. Not bad in these over-inflated times. Hopefully it will arrive in time to hang it on the tree this year. Here is a preview of the ornament:

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