Saturday, March 27, 2010

He's on the move!

Lock your doors and run for your life! Fletch is crawling! 

Of course he goes straight towards food bowl, water bowl and the grocery cart of doom. Which is why we had to purchase a baby corral.

He doesn't seem to mind being trapped in his colorful contraption. As if crawling wasn't a monumental enough of an achievement, the boy has decided that crawling was so last year and now he is working on learning to walk. He has begun to pull himself up! The toy box is the perfect height for him right now.
The hard part is learning how to get from standing back to sitting. Right now he's mastered the free-fall technique. That consists of him just letting go and falling backwards. Sometimes he ends up on his booty, but most of the time he puts a dent in the floor with his head. I'm seriously considering purchasing some foam padding to put inside the corral. Sometimes he tries the sideways fall. That never ends up well. Usually he goes crashing into another toy or object with that technique, which always ends in loud howling.

Now that Fletch is contained, the dog, cat, daddy and I feel much more comfortable around here. No tails will be yanked and no electrical wires will be stripped from their rightful place causing baby electrocution. Fletch is still a free-range baby since we opted not to put him in a dog carrier.
See, we are good parents :)

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