Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Celebration

For Fletch's 1st birthday, we had a small party at the National Zoo on Sunday. His birthday was actually on Monday, but who is going to show up to a birthday party on a Monday? Since his birthday was at the zoo, I made some zoo themed cupcakes: Lions, Tigers, Zebras and Monkeys.

We got to the zoo right when it opened so we could try and score a picnic table for us to set up camp. We lucked out and found a giant white tent with tons of picnic tables available. It was right across from the Orangoutangs and we even got to see them do their rope walk right over our heads. We all hung out and snacked on cupcakes and guzzled water. It was incredibly hot for June, but being under the tent helped tremendously. Fletch got to taste his first cupcake at his party. I shared a lion cupcake with him. 

We saved the cake smashing for his actual birthday Monday night. We had a few short video chats with Grandma and Grandpa and Fletch blew out his candle twice so they both could see. We put the computer away for the cake smashing, but daddy recorded it all on video. At first Fletch wasn't too sure what to do, but once we gave him a few bites he went a little nuts.  Fletch sends out a BIG THANK YOU for all of his awesome gifts. He is going to be super stylish this summer and fall. And even though Mommy and Daddy are going to go bonkers hearing all the noise, Fletch is having a blast with his new toys.  Here is Fletch's Cupcake Demolition Video:

Cupcake Demolition from Jennifer Shock on Vimeo.

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