Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shaggy to Short

The time came when finally Mommy and Daddy agreed that Fletch's hair had gotten out of control. Aside from all the annoying strangers asking if he was a girl, Fletch was always rubbing his eyes since his hair was constantly irritating them.  Even if we combed his hair, it never stayed in place. We just were not ready to start shelling out cash for baby styling products. We got a good recommendation for a salon for kid haircuts, Cartoon Cuts, as well as a stylist there.

We headed over this week and Fletch got his first haircut. This is a pretty fun looking place. If I wasn't a Leo and obsessed with my mane, I just might let them cut my hair (just for the opportunity of having an elephant wash my hair).  Of course Fletch was super fantastic, and sat there patiently and didn't let out one peep. Having a small television at her station playing cartoons may have had something to do with that, but I will still give Fletch the credit.  It was sad to watch all those locks come off, but Abby was nice enough to save them in a little baggie for me. Fletch also got a certificate for his first haircut:

And here is the before, during and after:
What do you think? We kind of miss his shaggy-do. That's the great thing about hair, it grows back! He's still handsome as ever though.

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