Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shock Family Circus Heads to the Circus!

The Ringling Brothers and Barnumn & Bailey Circus came to town! We went into DC at the beginning of the month to see their parade through the streets.
The circus started in DC, but then they moved it to the Patriot Center at George Mason University, which is very close to where we live. We cashed in a daily deal coupon for some tickets to go. We went this past Saturday. It was chilly and raining all day, so it was a good day to be indoors enjoying a great show.

OK, this one freaked me out. I've seen motorcycles in a globe before, but not SEVEN ALL AT ONCE! I was holding my breath the whole time!
Fletch seemed to enjoy the show and paid attention 99% of the time. The other 1% he was focused on all of the Circus paraphernalia the kids around us were playing with.

After intermission, out came the elephants!

It was a great time, especially seeing Fletch enjoy himself so much. He called the tigers "kitties" and the motorcycles "sickles." I still remember going to the circus as a kid and this show definitely brought back memories.

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