Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Wrangling

Diaper changes have just gotten interesting around here. What used to take us a minute or so now takes about 15 minutes. It involves twisting, turning, pinning, wrestling and nudity.  At first I tried toys on the changing table. That worked once. As soon as I lay him down on the changing table, he flips over and stands up holding onto the edge. Like so...
We even tried putting on his diaper while he was standing up, but that is very difficult when his legs are squeezed together. Sometimes we double-team him, but even then it is still difficult. The closest comparison I can think of is calf roping at the rodeo. We may have to move diaper changes to the floor for safety precautions. Even though it is frustrating when it happens, I giggle through it sometimes.  It's hard to get mad at someone this cute.

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