Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun at the Fountain

We live a little less than a mile from a great shopping center, Fairfax Corner. They have an awesome movie theater, great restaurants and some interesting shops. In the summer they turn on their in-ground fountain and it turns into a wet wonderland for the kiddos. Parents put their kids in their swimsuits and bring a towel and just let the kids run through the fountain.

It has a changing pattern so it keeps the kids guessing where and when the water will come out.

We took Fletch for the first time this week. After about 5 minutes of apprehension and curiosity,

 he finally got soaked!

After that he was busy looking down spigots and getting a face full of water.

He yelled at them to try and make the water come out, which was a sight to see. It was a great way to cool off in this crazy heat we've been having. We only have a few full days left until Daddy is back at work during the day, so we're glad we got to go do this with Daddy.

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