Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Personal Space Issues

The family is growing and the home is shrinking! We have a 3-bedroom condo, which seems like enough rooms for us and two kiddos, but in reality it's beginning to get a little tight around here. Before baby #2 was in the picture, Fletch's room was downstairs. As you may remember, that used to be our office until we transformed it into the awesome jungle nursery. We moved the futon upstairs, along with the office. I even made myself a little sewing nook in the dormer window area.

All was well with our living space.

When Fletch turned 2, we disassembled the crib to make room for his awesome big boy fire truck bed. 

We had nowhere to put the crib, so we just put it in our bedroom up against the wall where it was out of the way. We had a plan to install some hooks in the wall of the garage and hang up the crib pieces, but then we found out baby #2 was on the way. So we just decided to keep the crib where it was since we'd be putting it back together soon enough. 

Oh baby#2, how you have caused such a stir! We did not know whether we wanted to keep Fletch downstairs in his room or move him upstairs. After realizing I probably will not want to go up and down stairs for diaper changes and feedings in those first few crazy sleep deprived months, we decided to move Fletch upstairs. He will have his own bathroom (perfect for the boy who is currently being potty trained), and the room is already painted orange, which will go perfectly with his fire truck bed.

This all sounds so easy! Ha! Let's see what we have to remove from that room upstairs to make way for Fletch: 
- One large white bookshelf containing daddy's numerous LEGO sets
- One desk w/ 19" LCD monitor
- One printer stand
- 2 Floor Torch Lamps (for safety reasons)
- 1 Sewing table and accoutrements (boxes of fabric and notions)
- Fire safe and 2 filing crates
- Coffee table

The only thing staying is the futon and a small tv stand that is going to hold Fletch's books. We figured we'd need some place to sit while we read bedtime stories and we need one last form of accommodations for guests. I have a feeling we may end up finding Fletch asleep on that thing instead of his bed, but as long as he sleeps, who cares right? Luckily, our HOA started renting out the empty rooms on the bottom floor as storage spaces. They are very convenient and actually cost a lot less than the local storage places around the corner. So that is what we are working on right now. Daddy has packed up all the LEGO sets, except for his Eiffel Tower, which needs special accommodations. Now we just wait for our storage space and start moving stuff.

Here is the before:

Stay tuned for the finished product! 

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