Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shout Outs

Have you ever been to Soundzania?
Soundzania is a place that you can go…. Thats how the song goes. But Soundzania is more than a destination. It represents an imaginary world where musical instruments come alive and live and play together. In Soundzania, the instruments play music together all the time. Some children play tag or games like kickball or soccer when they get together, but when you go to Soundzania, making music is the number one game.Soundzania is a way to encourage playing with instruments, not just studying them. Instruments like play as much as children do. So, find your way to Soundzania and have some fun playing with an instrument!
Soundzania was created by our friend Scott Flory back in 2006. Since then three albums, 2006's Soundzania, 2008's Soundzania on Safari and 2011's Soundzania Elementary School, have been released. Each album has it's own theme, as the titles suggest. Mandy Lynn and Ben Joe are your tour guides through the Soundzania trilogy. You can listen to some of the songs from each album on the Soundzania website, You can buy the CDs directly from the website and the albums are also available from iTunes. I'm not a music reviewer, but I can say that the whole family will enjoy it. I encourage you to explore Soundzania!

Who is Soundzania?
Soundzania is a loosely bound group of Dads who were at one time in rock and roll bands. Two years after band-mates Scott Flory, Ken Hougasian, and Lee Parker gave up the late nights and smoky-club lifestyle of a rock band, all three began enjoying the late nights and smelly-diaper lifestyle of fatherhood. During this time, Scott, Ken and Lee each lovingly created music to make their kids smile (or, in some cases, sleep). After rave reviews from their own children, they set out to create Soundzania.
We know Scott and his family personally. We go to church and YFM activities with them. The Florys are awesome!


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