Friday, March 27, 2009

100 Day Countdown

That's right...only 100 more days until baby Shock's arrival. Actually, Daddy has taken a liking to Shock Jr., so I may start referring to him that way. I've made it through 180 days, so what's another 100? Seems like a long time, but technically it's just over 14 weeks or close to 3 more months. Whoa. No new updates at the moment. Shock Jr. is a pretty active kicker. He likes to wake up with Mommy and then kick her to sleep at night. The semester is almost over, so I should start my painting project in the nursery at the beginning of May. I'll post pictures of the progress once I begin. Shock Jr. has been to his first Spurs game and walked in a parade (in-utero of course). I have a feeling he will get to do many cool things with Mom and Dad.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! The last 100 days for me were the most enjoyable! I loved feeling the really big kicks, and little baby hiccups!