Friday, April 3, 2009

Suggested Baking Time

So the other morning I was thinking to myself that 9 months can really seem like a long time. I do realize that human beings are complex mammals and understandably they should be allowed to bake as long as necessary to reach perfection, but my goodness it seems as if time has begun to stand still. I think we are just anxious to see our little mini-me and who he resembles. I did a little research on how long other moms in the animal kingdom have to wait to meet their little ones. Let's just say I won't be complaining about my short 9 months. The longest gestation for a mammal is the African Elephant. Baby elephants get a free ride for 22 months, that's almost 2 years! "Holy cow!" you say, but the Alpine Black Salamander doesn't get to meet her young for 38 months!Can you imagine carrying a baby in your belly for 3 years? No. Thank. You. (Talk about a face only a mother could love.) I think that once my Spring semester is over at the end of this month, I will be able to start letting it sink in that there will be a baby here in 3 months, at which point I will run around in a panic screaming "There's not enough time!" Luckily I have a wonderful partner-in-crime that will help me with all of the preparations necessary...whew!

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