Monday, May 18, 2009

My Fabulous Work Shower

Last Friday I was showered with lots of love and gifts for baby Shock. My friend Loree (who used to work with me) asked if she could throw me a shower. Knowing how amazing she is, why would I say no? She definitely knows how to treat a pregnant woman. I guess it helps that she was recently in the same boat. We had it in the break room at work, and all the decorations really made the place look much more inviting. We played some crazy games and they even created an ad-lib for me. Apparently my baby will be 33 pounds and 1,000 inches long, but luckily my scooter will be dilated to 100 centimeters. I am blessed to work with such amazing and giving friends. We really were spoiled with gifts for baby. It is kinda hard for me to sit and open gifts with everyone watching in anticipation, so I think that is why I have some funny looks on my face in some of the pictures. The best part of opening presents was my cooling foot spa...yeah, you heard me. I got to soak my feet and cankles in some cool lavender water with rose petals. Thank you so much LoPo for a great shower and making me feel so loved :)

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