Sunday, May 3, 2009

The nursery is coming alive!

Finals ended last week and this means I could finally start my project in the nursery. I am painting some animals on the walls to go with the animal themed room. I'm not doing an entire jungle mural or anything like that, I'm going with more cartoon looking animals. On Saturday, I did all the sketching on the walls and stayed up until after midnight painting the birds over the changing table. When we got back from church and lunch today, I got started on the sleepy lion that is over the crib. I have some crazy monkeys in the corner and a huge giraffe left to work on. My nesting instinct makes me want to get in there and keep painting, but my feet and knees have convinced me to relax instead. I have 9 weeks to finish! Daddy is video recording the process, so you may see a video soon.