Wednesday, May 27, 2009

34 Week Appointment

Our 34 week appointment was yesterday. As usual, it was a routine visit. When the doctor measured my fundal height, he said that the baby is at 35 centimeters and he should be around 34. Apparently I'm growing a mutant giant baby! At our next visit, if he is still larger than expected, we'll do another sonogram to get a better idea of his size. Personally, I want a look at that noggin' of his, because if its as big as daddy's, I may opt to be knocked out completely...j/k. Hopefully baby comes a little early, so I don't end up with a linebacker in there. If that is the case, the doc said they probably wouldn't let me go past my due date. My appointments are every two weeks now and next week they start (how do I put this politely) checking on my progress. We're in the home stretch! The eviction notice has been put on the uterus and baby has less than 40 days to pack up his things and make his way into the world.

34 Weeks Pregnant


  1. How exciting! When I was expecting Ryan, I had to go in weekly because of his HUGE head. They were worried about the size of his head, but then the specialist looked at MY head. He said that it looks like big heads run in the family. I wasn't sure how to respond to that..sorry you have now joined the big head gene pool. Cool they won't make you wait much past your due date :)

  2. Shock is russian for big-ass head. i think atom may have the largest head in the family and shock jr. shall keep the tradition alive. thank you gene pool!!

  3. can you have music playing while your giving birth? if you could what would you play?